Preparing for an interview

As a recruiter, it’s remarkable how many job seekers come unprepared for an interview.

Let’s discuss what you consider your ‘calling card’.



6 thoughts on “Preparing for an interview

  1. I recently attended a job fair where i was fortunate enough to meet Yolande. I was certainly prepared for my interview but i didn’t do a preliminary mock interview & so through doing a mock interview with her i realized some misconceptions in my preparation process. After making the requisite adjustments i went on to do my interviews
    & was very successful. I was even called by one of the companies for another interview. This illustrates another aspect of the process of preparing for an interview. Be sure to do mock interviews & review possible interview questions & your best responses. As i learned through the experience, you already have all you need on your resume. All you have to do is use it as your strength & reference it with all the associated examples. Hope this helps 🙂


    • Shane,
      Thanks for the feedback…and would definately add that you would definately be a ‘keeper’ based on your ability to use constructive critique towards improving your preparedness for future interviews.

      It is not only receiving the information, but more importantly applying it to the area(s) that ultimately create value.

      Way to go!


  2. Yolande, I really appreciate the fact that you take the time to share with us “Job Seekers.” The comments and feedback are very useful.


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