‘Check’ yourself!

It’s simply amazing!

What is you might be asking?  Candidates’ responses during an interview punctuated with ‘slangs’ and ‘ahms’.  A slang is a colloquial word or phrase not recognized for serious usage.

Typical slang examples – yeah, like, you know, cuz, and ain’t. And then there is the ‘ahm’. This just portrays the uncertainty in the information being shared…which begs ‘do you know what you are saying’?!

Interviews can be mind-blowing, especially if you are a recent graduate or have been with a company for a lengthy period. Fact is, for any of the instances, the key to minimizing or eradicating these ‘misnomers’ is practicing – yes! Practicing to speak English.

Just plain English.


2 thoughts on “‘Check’ yourself!

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  2. Hello Yolande,

    Just to say, one of the reason why the ‘ahms’ is so frequently used, ‘I think’, is that the interviewee does not think they should pause. There is a misconception that if one pause while answering a question, the interviewer will think that you are lying or you just don’t know what to say and so instead of pausing while answering a question, the gap is filled with ‘ahms’.

    I am not justifying that it should be used but merely saying why it is normally done. Indeed it is a bad practice. I also believe that practicing the English Language is always the best option and another important thing that one should practice is speaking to persons in authority. This will help them to feel comfortable talking to anyone they come in contact with.


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