Social HR – How social are you?

Social HR – How social are you?.


Social HR – How social are you?

An invitation to give an ear to the video interview link (social-media expert Jeanne Meister), regarding the trend – Social HR.  Let me have your feedback how this impacts your decision to join a company based on its social interactions.


Here’s The Best Way To Answer When An Interviewer Says ‘Tell Me About Yourself’
Highways Agency/Flickr “Tell me about yourself” can be an overwhelming question to answer. Hint: If your go-to response includes a run-down of where you grew up or what you studied in college, you’ve probably already lost your interviewer.  Click here to read the original LinkedIn post.

Net Neutrality…are you aware!

The fight to level the playing field involving the dot com world has started with the Net Neutrality challenge. You might ask how this affects us (Jamaica); it does affect ‘us’ collectively. The fight is against the major players in the telecommunications not to charge higher fees for faster download speeds.

Of course, you might want to add ‘why not pay for the speed you can afford?’ But I would want to ask, ‘why place a price on access to…and use of…information sharing that is clearly needed to propel innovation and aid in research.


Career Coaching Workshop partnering with the JLP’s South Central St Catherine Constituency Office

Many thanks to our partners Dr. Andrew Wheatley, MP (South Central St. Catherine Constituency), and Sophia Deer and support staff for their continued support in hosting the second Career Workshop (Saturday, September 6, 2014).

Special thanks to all the participants, and reinforcing the charge that its ‘ABOUT YOU’ and there is no better way than to showcase your skills and competencies with your ‘ME Statement’.

All those who missed the workshop would be clueless (smiles).

All the very best in your career pursuits!