Guilty of ‘Padding’?

We can all agree to the challenges a volatile economy poses given the difficulty in securing employment.  

Crafting your resume now becomes a strategic task, and many times individuals are tempted and led to include inflated descriptors. 

This practice is described as ‘padding’ – using words or phrases that mislead or create an impression.  Example – you might be tempted to describe your communication skills as excellent or describing your usage of a particular computer application as ‘advanced’.

I would recommend if you are indeed an excellent communicator or an advanced user of a particular application, be prepared to defend these competencies (speaking to projects, work scenarios) that would reinforce that you do possess the skill(s) which would prove to the Recruiter that you are not guilty of ‘padding’!

Are you a ‘Keeper’?

Guess what?

Summer is approaching…college graduates are gearing for final exams, and companies are having a keen eye out to spot the very best hires.  So how do you ‘stand out’ from the pack…or if you become the lucky few to secure short-term employment, how do you prove that you are a worthy investment?  

How do you prove you are a ‘Keeper’?  

A ‘Keeper’ displays a willingness to learn, is flexible, a team player and above all else, takes criticism well (I.e. constructive feedback).